Elements of Reflection 4: Take perspectives into account

Our mindset and our perspectives reflect on the way we perceive things. Our perspectives can also affect our thoughts, beliefs and our actions.

A friend of mine recently applied to study online through USQ. My friend called me several times during the enrolment process and as she did not understand the language to decipher what options to ‘click on’. Once she accepted her offer a few weeks later, a flow of text messages came through on my phone late at night.

Where do I start? I don’t know what I am doing? I don’t even know how to enrol… I may as well give up! My perspective changed from being annoyed while trying to put my children to bed – to empathy. I had an understanding of her frustration and I knew that her perception of uConnect and Study Desk would have been a daunting experience. I remembered how lost I felt when I began studying in my first year too and I still at times feel ‘lost’ even though I’m into my third year of study.

https://taylordeacon.wordpress.com/ wrote “…I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to most things ICT related! … I generally live by this rule and if that does not work than you cannot fix it…” I can relate!

https://candicegreenhalgh.wordpress.com/ wrote “…Using WordPress will be the first time I have used a blog service and although this is all completely new to me, I am looking forward to the experience…”

These statements are fantastic examples of how our mindset and our perspectives reflect on the way we perceive things. Thankfully, I quickly discovered the wide range of self-help and how-to resources on Study Desk which are fantastic once you know where to find them. We have to learn to be self-efficient, self reliant and self-aware. Look for help or find alternatives to resolve problems and discover new things.


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