1st day of P.E. & Qld Handwriting Font

Great first day! Rewind << back to this morning. I ‘hit the ground running’ and ‘got thrown in the deep end’ – sink or swim! The first day of ‘round four’ of my Professional Experiences (P.E.) went from the good morning greetings, introductions and roll marking… over to Mrs H! Now, before I go any further, my pre-service peers may ask, “Why are you on prac already?” We have a show holiday next week so I chose to make up a day pre-P.E. as we must complete 15 days.

I jumped straight into my role as a teacher. Two students wrapped their arms around my legs within the first five minutes. WOW! Our morning session began with Talk Time. Four students took turns talking about a book that they have read. Considering their age and developmental stage, it can be difficult for little ones to sit still when the weather changes. We had a ‘cold snap’ overnight and the kiddies were feeling it. My multitasking skills came in handy with ‘crowd control’ while supporting the student presenting their recount. This was a challenge at times as I did not know any of their names yet.

The rest of the day flew by! I taught short lessons during Mathematics and Literacy rotations. I assisted the teacher with the class routines, behaviour management and ‘eat duty’. I valued my time with the students and learnt as many names as possible. Cheers at the end of my first day in Prep, I LOVED it.

In preparations for my lessons, my mentor asked me to create a few of my own worksheets with the Queensland Beginners Font. I searched online for the correct font and found these resources. You can download the free Years 1 – 3 handwriting resources from the learningplace.com.au website here. Click Download Syllabus.

header QLD Fonts

Australian School Fonts [Image] (2016). Retrieved from http://www.australianschoolfonts.com.au/font-info/qld-font-info/


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