ICT Year 6 observations – Game Maker

I had the opportunity to observe a Year 6 Technology lesson in the new ICT lab!

The teacher has allocated 1 hour per week for 8 weeks for this particular unit of work. The students are challenged with the task of developing an ICT Maze Game with Game Maker 7.0 Litehttp://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker

The students are required to plan a five level game with increasing difficulty and demonstrate understanding of the key aspects of a game and its associated objects.

The assessment task sheet, marking rubric and planning template pages were provided to the students in week one. They have ample opportunities to plan, edit, record changes and reflect on their improvements.

The concept of this assessment is the teacher’s ‘brainchild’ if you wish. The teacher has been integrating ICT into the classroom for years; however, this particular unit and assessment  facilitates independent work and 100% student engagement in learning.

Game maker 1


CLEM, where C is for a Community of ICT users

You may have met CLEM in an earlier Blog post.

CLEM is an acronym for Community, Literature, Examples, and Model.

This is a summary of my learning based on my interpretation and perception on the C of CLEM. Community: The who, what, where and how? (I’ve added in who?)

So far, during the first week of my Professional Experience I have:

  • identified who the communities (of ICT users) are within the school.
  • been discovering what the communities use ICT for (to enhance student learning).
  • identified where the communities are using the ICT and where to get help when I need it (if my mentor is unsure).
  • asked to observe how the communities use the ICT to enhance student learning during one lesson next week.

ICT community_puzzle_concept

ICT Community puzzle [Image] Retrieved May 18, 2016, from http://www.vreme.com/g/images/1143206_puzzle_concept.jpg

The “Snipping Tool” for capturing ‘screenshots’

 A quick trip over to the Library for an errand opened up an opportunity to meet the Librarian and find out about the ICT community within the school. Mrs F offered me a great tip for inserting images into a word document for worksheets and resources. It is called the “Snipping Tool” (search for this on your computer). I didn’t even know that I had this on my computer! It basically allows you to capture a ‘screenshot’ then save it or paste it into a word document (be aware of copyright and cite where you have ‘retrieved’ things from). The Snipping Tool is so handy! It makes the whole ‘copy and paste’ function even easier. Check it out here for more information.

 Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool [Image] Retrieved May 18, 2016, from http://res2.windows.microsoft.com/resbox/en/6.3/main/f93d8a04-8b0d-4b7f-bcf7-f9d9a60d1b73_10.png

Professional Experience [PE]: Week 1

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

ICT challenge of the week: Printers! The classroom printer decided to ‘go on strike’ so I offered to check it out. I put my thinking cap on and went to investigate. Power on and connected, paper trays, ink levels, no flashing lights, cables and connections? All good, okay. I tried the old ‘turn it off and on’ again trick… Still nothing. Hmmm, alrighty then! What about the laptop? I checked the cables, explored the settings in the Printer properties and I could not find anything obvious. I felt as though I had tried everything that would work for me at home. My mentor has ‘logged a request’ for ‘the IT guy’ to investigate this tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Lesson plans and resources… I have not had many opportunities to use ICT in my lessons yet; however, I have mastered my use of the interactive whiteboard. The kids absolutely love this digital technology, especially for watching animated stories and videos for literacy, numeracy and Cosmic Kids Yoga!

I have been creating my own worksheets for my Prep students on my computer at home and our lovely teacher aide has been photocopying these in preparation for each lesson. I’m so grateful for the extra pair of hands in our Prep classroom. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Confucius quote [Image] Retrieved May 18, 2016, from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Erh_4B3nC0A/VMU6fvZxovI/AAAAAAAACq0/alyD9sipeYk/s1600/Choose-a-job-you-love__quotes-by-Confucius-33.png

1st day of P.E. & Qld Handwriting Font

Great first day! Rewind << back to this morning. I ‘hit the ground running’ and ‘got thrown in the deep end’ – sink or swim! The first day of ‘round four’ of my Professional Experiences (P.E.) went from the good morning greetings, introductions and roll marking… over to Mrs H! Now, before I go any further, my pre-service peers may ask, “Why are you on prac already?” We have a show holiday next week so I chose to make up a day pre-P.E. as we must complete 15 days.

I jumped straight into my role as a teacher. Two students wrapped their arms around my legs within the first five minutes. WOW! Our morning session began with Talk Time. Four students took turns talking about a book that they have read. Considering their age and developmental stage, it can be difficult for little ones to sit still when the weather changes. We had a ‘cold snap’ overnight and the kiddies were feeling it. My multitasking skills came in handy with ‘crowd control’ while supporting the student presenting their recount. This was a challenge at times as I did not know any of their names yet.

The rest of the day flew by! I taught short lessons during Mathematics and Literacy rotations. I assisted the teacher with the class routines, behaviour management and ‘eat duty’. I valued my time with the students and learnt as many names as possible. Cheers at the end of my first day in Prep, I LOVED it.

In preparations for my lessons, my mentor asked me to create a few of my own worksheets with the Queensland Beginners Font. I searched online for the correct font and found these resources. You can download the free Years 1 – 3 handwriting resources from the learningplace.com.au website here. Click Download Syllabus.

header QLD Fonts

Australian School Fonts [Image] (2016). Retrieved from http://www.australianschoolfonts.com.au/font-info/qld-font-info/

Weather Wonders on 7 Local News

Prep students have been learning about the weather and how the weather works in Science by observing the sky, using lots of visuals, pictures and movies. Seven Local News Wide Bay broadcasted a wonderful story by news reporter Vivien von Drehnen this evening, Tuesday 10th of May, 2016.

Livio Regano chatted online with the students via Skype from ‘Seven Local News Weather HQ’. The students interviewed Livio and eagerly awaited his responses through the interactive whiteboard. They quizzed Livio on his knowledge about the weather, asking: How do we get rainbows? How do we get rain? When I grow how do you be a weather reporter? Livio’s advice to the young man was “If you want to be a weather forecaster the best thing you can do is be really good at your Maths class in school.” (Livio Regano).

The use of digital technologies in this instance demonstrates how easily we can integrate ICT into the classroom. The students were able to reach out and engage with the wider community. The News Crew were filming in the classroom and in the newsroom giving a brilliant perspective of how the segment worked from both sides. I hope Mum’s and Dad’s recorded the News tonight!


“Today @7NewsTownsville hosted an online chat with Livio Regano and these prep students. See the story tonight” (Vivien von Drehnen via Twitter).

Prep Students [Image]. (2016). Retrieved May 10, 2016 from https://twitter.com/vivienVD/status/729895141163421696/photo/1

What does my classroom look like?

Welcome to ‘my world’ for the next few weeks. This is exciting!

I met my mentor teacher yesterday afternoon and I had the opportunity to visit our classroom. This will be my world for three weeks and I cannot wait to meet the little people in Prep that will become our students during this Professional Experience [PE].

During my visit, I was very observant and quick to identify the digital technology that will be available during my PE.

I identified all of the digital technology in the classroom – an interactive whiteboard connected to the teacher’s laptop, two desk top computers and four iPads. The iPads are shared between three classes – the time in each classroom is managed by the iPad timetable.

There is a brand new ICT classroom within the school; however, the teacher has valid concerns about using the ICT classroom as the Prep students are too little to sit at the tall computer desks on the wheelie office chairs (they would be spinning and falling off). The students would also require individual student ID login and passwords. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to access the ICT classroom with these considerations.

I am confident however that I know enough about the digital technology in the classroom. I am also confident that I will be able to design my lesson plans with effective use of digital technology to amplify and transform student learning.

I plan to incorporate ICT into my Mathematics and English rotations due to ICT access and availability; however, I am determined that I can work with this and get the most out of what we have. For “…the true teacher is the learner.” (Elbert Hubbard) and with a positive approach, all things are possible.



Elbert Hubbard Quote [Image]. Retrieved from http://www.quotescover.com/wp-content/uploads/The-teacher-is-the-one__quotes-by-Elbert-Hubbard-96.pngue