CLEM, where C is for a Community of ICT users

You may have met CLEM in an earlier Blog post.

CLEM is an acronym for Community, Literature, Examples, and Model.

This is a summary of my learning based on my interpretation and perception on the C of CLEM. Community: The who, what, where and how? (I’ve added in who?)

So far, during the first week of my Professional Experience I have:

  • identified who the communities (of ICT users) are within the school.
  • been discovering what the communities use ICT for (to enhance student learning).
  • identified where the communities are using the ICT and where to get help when I need it (if my mentor is unsure).
  • asked to observe how the communities use the ICT to enhance student learning during one lesson next week.

ICT community_puzzle_concept

ICT Community puzzle [Image] Retrieved May 18, 2016, from


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