Meet CLEM – Community, Literature, Examples, and Model.

Meet CLEM, he is an acronym for Community, Literature, Examples, and Model.

CLEM will have you armed with information and ready to ‘troubleshoot’ – we have to have some fun with blogging!


In a ‘nutshell’ as we learn how to use a new digital technology – CLEM can help us scaffold our learning – to amplify and transform our students’ learning.

To succinctly explain this process I have reviewed and paraphrased some of the steps from the Why and What page (accessible to current EDC3100 course students only).

Community: The who, what, where and how? (I’ve added in who?)

  • Identify who the communities (of ICT users) are within the school.
  • Ascertain what the communities use ICT for to enhance student learning.
  • Identify where the communities are using the ICT and find out where you can get help with ICT when you need help.
  • Observe how the communities use the ICT to enhance student learning and find out how to engage with this community of teachers and staff.

Literature: Research and identify the research and literature that supports the use of ICT in teaching to enhance student learning (always beneficial for justification).

  • Summarize what this research means to your specific context (and)
  • How you use and teach with ICT.
  • Identify any problems and limitations.

Examples: Find inspiration and good examples of what other teachers are doing.

  • What they are using to enhance student learning with ICT?
  • Identify how they are using ICT.
  • Evaluate what this means to you in your specific context.

Model: Identify the particular model that it designed, programmed and embedded into the ICT (all ICT has a model).

  • Learn about the model; how it works; the associated terminologies and jargon.
  • Learn about the ‘troubleshooting’ tips to help you resolve problems as they arise.
  • You will want to learn all about the model before you try to explain it to your students or colleagues.

This is a summary of my learning based on my interpretation and perception of CLEM.

I hope you have learnt something new and enjoyed reading it too! Drop me ‘a line’ in the comment box below.



CLEM [Image]. Retrieved from


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