Hello there!

Welcome to my blog, I am currently in my third year of studies for my Bachelor of Education, specialising in Primary schooling.

I have achieved a Certificate IV in Remedial Massage and a Certificate III in Education Support through SQIT. I have worked as a Special Needs and Indigenous Support Teacher Aide which reignited the passion within me to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a Primary School Teacher.

ICT & me: I would consider myself as an intermediate user of ICT. I feel confident finding my way around the internet for study and leisure purposes and interacting socially online. I made the transition from studying on-campus to online during my first year of study as the workload was easier to manage with my family commitments and with their ongoing support and encouragement, we have found a happier, healthier ‘work-life’ balance.

If I were to align myself with multimedia to represent my relationship with ICT, I would have to choose one of my favourite quotes by Benjamin Franklin…

TELL ME and I forget.

TEACH ME and I remember.

INVOLVE ME and I learn.


I look forward to the journey throughout our studies of ICT and Pedagogy.


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