Weather Wonders on 7 Local News

Prep students have been learning about the weather and how the weather works in Science by observing the sky, using lots of visuals, pictures and movies. Seven Local News Wide Bay broadcasted a wonderful story by news reporter Vivien von Drehnen this evening, Tuesday 10th of May, 2016.

Livio Regano chatted online with the students via Skype from ‘Seven Local News Weather HQ’. The students interviewed Livio and eagerly awaited his responses through the interactive whiteboard. They quizzed Livio on his knowledge about the weather, asking: How do we get rainbows? How do we get rain? When I grow how do you be a weather reporter? Livio’s advice to the young man was “If you want to be a weather forecaster the best thing you can do is be really good at your Maths class in school.” (Livio Regano).

The use of digital technologies in this instance demonstrates how easily we can integrate ICT into the classroom. The students were able to reach out and engage with the wider community. The News Crew were filming in the classroom and in the newsroom giving a brilliant perspective of how the segment worked from both sides. I hope Mum’s and Dad’s recorded the News tonight!


“Today @7NewsTownsville hosted an online chat with Livio Regano and these prep students. See the story tonight” (Vivien von Drehnen via Twitter).

Prep Students [Image]. (2016). Retrieved May 10, 2016 from


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