Learning Curve with ePortfolio

Develop an ePortfolio unit with five pages… Challenge accepted!

Teacher Page > Student Introduction and Task Page > Student Process Page > Student Evaluation and Conclusion Page > References

Although I have become more acquainted using the ePortfolio, it has been quite a while since I’ve had to insert pictures and documents. I knew it would be wise to create my unit plan as a Word document to ‘pick up on’ any spelling and grammar hiccups. Then I simply copy and pasted my work in ‘chunks’ into a new text box in ePortfolio and changed the size, font, colour etc in the text box.

Upon reflection, this was a wise choice as the ePortfolio doesn’t provide you with those little squiggly lines under the words that have been jumbled up. When I’m ‘on a roll’ I have those moments where my brain is creating sentences way ahead of my typing…

One little tip: If you’re copy and pasting text with hyperlinks, just check that they work from ePortfolio (I had to recreate some of the links).

I also worked out that I could insert pictures in between paragraphs in a text box; however, when I needed to insert a PDF document I had to finish the text box, insert a PDF in a new box, then start another text box beneath it.

Yes, this was a time consuming ‘learning curve’. I’m riding ‘the high’ now that I have completed it well ahead of the submission due date.



ePortfolio wordle [Image]. Retrieved from https://hacklibschool.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/eportfolio-wordle.jpg



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