Safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT

Cyber safety is something that we all need to be aware of to protect ourselves and avoid the scenarios of becoming a victim of online bullying, predators, identify thieves and scammers.

This week’s course content prompted me to attempt a quiz called ‘What do you know about bullying?’ adapted from the “Support materials for teacher education programs” from the Professional Learning page of the Safe Schools Toolkit. I was surprised that Cyberbullying is not currently the most common form of bullying. “…Cyberbullying and offline bullying are often combined and it is probable that cyberbullying will become more prevalent in the future.” I received 3 out of 4 (7.5 / 10 marks) for this quiz.

The second quiz was the Cyber Smart Kids Quiz provided by the Australian Government’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. I received 22 marks out of 25. I was surprised by the questions that were incorrect. The quiz reiterates why it is important for students to be careful and stay safe when they are online. As educators, we need to promote safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT.


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