Transformation – This is the good stuff! (RAT model)

The RAT Assessment Framework tool App was designed to examine the use of technology across a unit of work. I have previously used The RAT App to evaluate one of my own revised lesson plans detailed for assignment 1 (please read There’s an App for that – RAT). This time I used the App to evaluate a Geography unit plan with integrated uses of ICT.

Once again, the RAT Assessment Framework tool prompted me to respond to a range of questions about this particular instructional event. The results were determined according to my responses – based on my unbiased perception and interpretation of my revised lesson plan as critical review and reflection.

The RAT Assessment Framework tool revealed that this particular instructional event has a higher level of Transformation (please read an earlier blog How can ICT and Pedagogy be used? for a brief overview of ‘the RAT model’). The RAT App determined that the uses of technology in my unit plan for assignment 2 is “…transforming teaching and learning from a process, method or goals perspective” (The RAT App).

RAT App Transformation

The requirements for assignment 2 included demonstrating a range of examples of using ICT to amplify, and some examples of ICT to transform instructional methods and student learning. I am confident I will be submitting a unit plan and justification that will achieve this. Hopefully this will be “…the good stuff!”


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