Digital tools for the classroom

Digital toolsEdmodo, Google Classroom, Projeqt, ClassDojo … I have not used any of these myself so I am unable to comment on them; however, I want to immerse myself in the process of integrating technology with a growth mindset. This will help me throughout my journey as a pre-service educator; and I am sure it will transform my pre-service practicum planning and assessments. I conducted a Google search in effort to learn more about the different websites and Apps that are currently available to integrate a ‘collaborative online classroom’ – into the classroom.

 Edmodo, Google Classroom, Projeqt, ClassDojo … What do other educators think of these?


I enjoyed reading:

25 Teaching Tools For The Digital Classroom by Mike Acedo at TeachThought.

Google Classroom vs Edmodo by Kimberly Mattina at The Tech Lady.

Edmodo vs. Google Classroom by Las clases de Stilson.

Google Classroom – 4 months in by Keith Rispin.

Student Projeqts by Gemma O’Dwyer at Ms. O’Dwyers College Blog.

These two blogs offer different perspectives of ClassDojo:

Class Dojo by Dan Rice at Adirondack Education Technology

Thinking About Classroom Dojo – Why Not Just Tase Your Kids Instead? by Karen Langdon at Teaching Ace.

I recommend reading the comments if you have the time.

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