Integrating Technology into the classroom

Aditi Rao from TeachBytes developed this wonderfully efficient chart to highlight the key differences between ‘using technology’ and ‘technology integration’ in the classroom. Check out Aditi’s chart here for a concise and visual distinction between the use of technology and the integration of technology.

As a pre-service educator, I am currently undertaking studies in ICT and I am grateful for resources like this. This is a fantastic visual self-checker to have on hand to be mindful of how I implement and integrate technology in my classroom.

Is the use of technology in the classroom…

  • planned and purposeful?
  • a part of our routine?
  • supporting the learning objects and curriculum goals?
  • engaging the students in the content for learning?
  • mostly used by students?
  • developing or creating the students’ thinking processes?
  • facilitating more learning time and less instructional time?
  • encouraging higher-order thinking strategies?
  • facilitating collaborative learning?
  • facilitating activities that would have been difficult or impossible?
  • constructing and building knowledge?
  • essential for learning activities? (Rao, 2013)


[Image] Pupils at a secondary school in Worcestershire. Photograph: Alamy. Retrieved April 22, 2016 from


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