Studying Infographic

The Best (and Worst) Study Habits … Maximise Your Learning Potential, Make Studying Count.” Okay, you’ve caught my attention!

I would love to use this infographic for unit planning. As a pre-service educator, I have learnt that students learn in different ways that are unique to their personality and learning style.

This infographic makes reference to four types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, read-write and auditory learners.

How do we identify what ‘type of learner’ a student is?

When it comes to unit planning and lesson plans, we need to cater for each type of learner. I believe by incorporating ICT into the classroom, we can TRANSFORM certain elements of classroom instruction and student learning in new ways. ICT can be used to create new or enhanced opportunities to make the curriculum more accessible to students.

Image retrieved Aril 18, 2016 from




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