ICT Unit Planning

Assignment two: Develop a 3-5 week ICT enriched unit plan which entails sequential learning experiences and teaching strategies.

This is how I approach these types of assessments with unit planning in mind.

I always read the assessment task booklet, marking rubric and related course content thoroughly so I know exactly what will be required for the assessment. The next stop is the Australian Curriculum website where I browse though the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) by using the search bar down the left hand side to filter or limit my search to the Year level and Subject area, then click ‘Apply filters’.

For this task, I have narrowed my search down to Humanities and Social Sciences> History> Year 5.

According to our EDC3100 course content identifying transforming and constructing knowledge objectives is an explicit task as there are only two inter-related strands:

  • Historical knowledge and understanding (constructing) which “…explores key concepts for developing historical understanding…” (ACARA, 2016) (and)
  • Historical skills (transforming) which “…promotes skills used in the process of historical inquiry…” (ACARA, 2016)

Now for the exciting part; deciding which content descriptors to select and start planning my hypothetical unit plan as prompted by each stage in module two. Stay tuned…


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