ICT Detox

I decided after I submitted my assignments (early) I would take a step back from my usual intense habit of planning, starting the next assignment for each subject and so on… I have been committed to studying without taking a real break for more than two years.

I needed a study break; yes, a real study break and my young family need it too! That’s a first for me, which enabled the ‘firsts’ of a lot of things; our first family camping trip; our first time out under the stars in a tent; our first time as a family sitting around a campfire and staring into the night sky until the flames flickered down to ashes; first horse rides (for my children); first time kayaking; and my first go on a swing in a children’s playground in a very long time!

We actually had an ICT detox with no television, computers or devices (we had our mobiles in case of emergency). We went walking, swimming in the river, we played UNO, we played spotlight at night and we sat around for hours just talking about life.

So here I am after an intermittent break from University and I’ve realised that sometimes instead of pushing myself full steam ahead into the next lot of assessments; it’s okay to be mindful of what I need. It’s okay to take a break and to be honest it was exactly what we needed as a family, especially when my kids say things like “Mum, you’re always studying, you’re always on your computer, you’re always tired…”. Now they are asking “When can we go camping again? We had so much fun!” I found this great idea in an article and this jumped right out at me…

The “Tech Timeout challenge is an excellent way for families to reconnect, as well as showing children that they don’t have to use technology all the time in order to have fun.”

Try it yourself, make an ICT free time, digital detox or a tech detox; whatever you would like to call it… This blog post may not exactly be about ICT, but more so the important revelation about when we don’t need it. Switch it off or leave it at home and see how much fun you can have without it.


2 thoughts on “ICT Detox

  1. Karyn says:

    Thanks Rachel for the blog. We just went on a cruise and had no internet for 8 nights…. It was fabulous!!! Not to be distracted and checking emails etc all the time. Yes we should all do it now and then! Glad you all enjoyed your break too! Karyn

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