Scootle Learning Paths

The Scootle Learning Paths allow you to select Scootle content tailored to suit your students’ needs.

“A Scootle Learning Path allows you to create a collection of resources on a topic or curriculum area. Once your collection is compiled you can edit item descriptions and add your own comments, navigation instructions, links or tasks associated with each resource.” (Education Services Australia, 2016)

To get started, all you need to do is subscribe to your learning area/s below and you will receive notifications for content that aligns with you key learning areas:

Now you can create learning pathways; add and remove resources and share your learning paths with your students.

Follow these steps to create and share your own Scootle Learning Paths

Step 1 Search a topic or browse resources by the Australian Curriculum in Scootle.

Step 2 To add a resource from the search results to a learning path, select the ‘+ Add to‘ button located at the right side of each resource title.

Step 3 Add the resource to your existing learning path(s) by ticking the checkboxes.

Step 4 To add the resource to a new learning path select the ‘Create new learning path‘ button and complete the form. You can save the new learning path to an existing folder or in a new folder.

Step 5 Manage your learning paths by selecting ‘Learning paths‘ in the main navigation and selecting the ‘My learning paths‘ tab. There are several actions available. You may edit, delete, copy, share or export a learning path.

Step 6 Share your learning paths with your students by providing them with a unique PIN or URL, or share with colleagues at your school or across the platform (Education Services Australia, 2016).

Watch a video here > Scootle Support – What is a Learning Path?


Education Services Australia. (2016) Retrieved March 18, 2016, from Scootle


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