Why (not) use ICT and Pedagogy?

Our learning path has led us to develop and share answers to the question “Why (not) ICT and Pedagogy?”

We were given a choice as to how we created a concept map. Some students used Gliffy templates to create concept maps like this one: EDC3100 Why (not) ICT via Emmjane’s blog post Why (not) use ICT and Pedagogy? based on either one of these two frameworks:

  1. Big Three reasons; and,
  2. EDC3100 Why (not) framework.

Other students used https://bubbl.us/ to create concept maps like Jacinta’s To use (or not) ICT and Pedagogy

I began brainstorming ideas then I used Microsoft Word to create my concept map.

Concept map – Why (not) use ICT and Pedagogy


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