Seek, Sense, Share

This week we were asked to find a teacher’s blog, add the blog to our Feedly and share the blog with the EDC3100 Diigo group.

I started following Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits a few years ago when I was seeking inspiration and resources as a Teacher Aide in a Year 1 classroom.

Reagan Tunstall is a passionate primary school teacher based in Texas, United States. Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits shares “…engaging and exciting education materials… classroom experiences, (and) lesson ideas…” I enjoy browsing through Tunstall’s Teaching blog and ‘my classroom’ for a classroom tour.

I wish more teachers would ‘share’ online like this!

This particular resource: Animal Research Creating an eBook would be fantastic for helping students conduct research projects. There is also an abundance of resources available to purchase and download from Teachers Pay Teachers

Some fellow students…

TTURNER96 shared this blog: Edutech for Teachers and nvandoornblog shared this teaching blog: Top Notch Teaching

img_1070-1200x900Image retrieved from


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