Elements of Reflection 2: Personal experience

For this reflection, I am supposed to connect my experiences with prior knowledge and reflect my thoughts and feelings. It would be appropriate to admit that there were times where I did not understand, however I sought guidance from the EDC1300 forums and I quickly established that my experiences (in some cases) were not as complicated as some of the other students.

Personally, I could not agree more with https://liss8707.wordpress.com/ “…In order for my students to gain maximum learning opportunities from me I must embrace it, learn it and integrate these technologies into my pedagogy…”

ICT and Pedagogy will help me improve as a pre-service teacher during my professional experience placements.

Similarly, http://laurenaburch.tumblr.com/ wrote “…It really helps in thinking about the type of ICT which can be used in the classroom for different settings…” The knowledge and experience that I endeavour to gain from this course will beneficial for my future students as well as myself.


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