Elements of Reflection 1: Description of an experience

In response to the five elements of reflection acknowledged by Ullmann et al (2012), I would like to share my reflection of EDC1300 thus far.

These five are:

  1. Description of an experience.
  2. Personal experience.
  3. Critical analysis.
  4. Taking perspectives into account.
  5. An outcome of reflection.

(Ullmann et al, 2012)

1.Description of an experience

I entered into this ICT and Pedagogy course quite confidently as I felt I have adequate knowledge of using and iPhone, iPad and computers. Similarly, https://kristensmith1.wordpress.com/ wrote “… ‘I’ve got this’ this will be a breeze, I can use a computer and IPAD – how hard could it be?  Week 1 – I will just ease my way into it.  HOW WRONG I WAS!!!  Wordpress, Diigo, feeldy – never heard of them.  Twitter OK yes but never used it.” I could not agree more!

Week one lead me to question, doubt and surprise myself as I worked though each of my semester one courses. As https://kerrylees.wordpress.com/ wrote, EDC1300 has introduced “…technology that I have either never heard of, or previously tackled, and secretly I am rather enjoying the experience…”

I was led me to an interesting YouTube video titled What is 21st century education? by EF Explore America

“…These are exponential times

In the past 5 years the digital universe has grown by 1000%

46% of teachers say their homework requires technology

94% of students say they use technology to do homework…

Many of the jobs students will have don’t even exist yet and they’ll use technologies that haven’t been invented to find problems that haven’t emerged.

The world keeps changing…” (EF Explore America)

What a revelation and a wonderful journey to experience. These certainly are exponential times!


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