Who’d have thought?

Well off go the sunnies and on goes Google’s “inverted color”!

At the half way mark of my teaching degree I’ve resorted to wearing my prescription polarised sun glasses to minimise the glare into my retinas. I’ve experienced aching eye strains and migraines from a bright computer screen (even with the screen brightness adjusted down on my computer).

I was reading through the ICT and Pedagogy forums and I found a handy tip from a fellow EDC3100 student who recommended inverting the colour on the screen to make night time reading easier on the eyes.

Check out this awesome blog post How to Invert Your Browser’s Colors for Easier Reading at Night

I’m pleased to say it was easy, I opened up Chrome and literally copy and pasted this link to Google’s official High Contrast extension for Chrome as suggested by Whitson Gordon.

Google Chrome's inverted colour

Keep sharing this great tip…


2 thoughts on “Who’d have thought?

  1. Thanks for sharing this genius solution, I need to find this for Firefox or I will be switching to chrome. With all this new information being shared through Blogs, I may become a blog addict soon.

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